‘The Turn of the Page’ at the Brooklyn Public Library

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I am honored that original artwork from ‘The Storyteller’ will be a part of the new exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library ‘The Turn of the Page‘ curated by author/illustrator Pat Cummings. I had the pleasure of taking Pat’s children’s book class while I was at Parsons, and she wanted to include the work of her former students who continued on in children’s books because teaching is such a big part of her life. I’m very proud to be a part of this show by one of my favorite teachers at Parsons, and hope you will be able to come check out her work, my work, and the work of several of her other former students! Should be an amazing show. There is an opening reception this Monday, May 9, a the Central Library from 6-8pm. Hope to see you there!

The Turn of the Page

I’m also going to be doing a joint workshop with Pat in conjunction with the show on June 18 about storytelling from around the world! So come, and bring your kids!

Turn of the Page: Storytelling Collage, with Evan Turk & Pat Cummings

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